Mandraki Paradise
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Προφίλ Περιηγήσεις Διαμονή Τοποθεσία Επικοινωνία

Kastelorizo or Megisti, is the Aegean's easternmost island. It is a tiny but very beautiful island of the Dodecanese consisting of a circular port of about 50 inhabited houses. Even though the island has very few inhabitants, they are all very hospitable and wait on the port to welcome the tourists.

The island's only settlement is Megisti, otherwise known as Kastellorizo, on the northeast coast. The gracious two-storey neo-classical houses with their brightly painted doors and windows, wooden balconies and tile roofs on the waterfront as well as the majestic domes of the churches testify to the island's former prosperity.

On this island you will enjoy good local cuisine, the sea and a good warm climate away from the noise of "civilisation".

The little islands of Ro and Strongili and the "Fokiali blue cave" are places that you should visit (it can be visited only by boat).